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Chandler, AZ

When: Every 4-6 weeks
Where: Various City Parks
Details: A walking hunt with multiple transmitters
More Info:
Submitted: 03-13-2024 by N6BG

Prescott, AZ

When: Monthly, Saturday after the first Thursday 1PM
Where: One AZ Credit Union, 1335 Gail Gardner Way, Prescott, AZ
Details: One transmitter on 145.100 MHz at 1/2W, another on 146.565 MHz at 100mW within 7.5 mi of the start point. Contact the fox on 146.880 MHz, PL 100.0 at start of the hunt.
More Info:
Submitted: 03-17-2024 by N6BG

Hocking County, OH

When: Saturdays at 10 am, monthly
Where: Logan, Ohio
Details: Driving hunt within Hocking Co, on public land
More Info: Hocking Valley amateur radio club
Submitted: 03-21-2024 by W8NZB

Athens County, OH

When: Monthly, Saturday or Sunday
Where: Athens, ohio
Details: Driving hunt with target within the borders of Athens county.
More Info: Athens county amateur radio association
Submitted: 03-21-2024 by KC8JRV

Mercer County, NJ

When: 4/6/24, 7/7/24, 8/3/24, 11/3/24, 12/7/24
Where: Chaplin School, Princeton, NJ
Details: Mobile Hunt with a few extra walking foxes at destination
More Info:
Submitted: 03-21-2024 by NK1N

Mercer County, NJ

When: 5/5/24, 6/1/24, 9/1/24, 10/5/24
Where: Veterans Park, Hamilton, NJ
Details: IARU-Style On Foot Fox Hunt, Classic 2m format (MOE-MO5) - a few extra for those that finish quickly
More Info:
Submitted: 03-21-2024 by NK1N

Colorado Springs, CO

When: 30 March 2024
Where: Hunt boundary listed at
Details: 2M foxes, walking and driving options.
More Info:
Submitted: 03-30-2024 by AB2SG

Richardson, TX

When: Every Weekend, starts Saturday about 9AM through Sunday about 4PM.
Where: Start anywhere in Richardson, TX
Details: Two foxes accessible by car: Fox1 is on 144.5 MHz. Wheatly is on 433.25 MHz. Scan the QR code on the fox to register your find.
More Info:
Submitted: 04-11-2024 by Dwaine N5HD

McKinney, TX

When: Most Weekends, 9am Saturday to 7pm Sunday
Where: McKinney, TX
Details: Driving/walking hunt. Freddy transmits on 434.500 MHz, approximately every three minutes. Scan the QR code with your smartphone to register your find.
More Info:
Submitted: 04-11-2024 by Dwaine N5HD

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